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Canadians Feel a 2019 Recession is in the Air [Pollara]

After a three year positive trend in feelings about the economy, the Pollara Strategic Insights’ Economic Outlook Study finds that Canadians enter the year much more negative than last year. Fifty-seven per cent think the economy is in a recession compared with only 30% last year.

Although only 9% feel the recession is severe, the flipside is that only 2% think it is a period of strong growth.

Perceptions of the economy align with other key indicators. When it come to their financial situation, 31% say they are losing ground. In addition, 44$ think their household income will fall behind.

More than half feel like recession describes the economy

Canadians enter the year wary. Recession conjurs of broad negative consequences for people. This may cause them to reduce their own spending out of fear.

About the study

Pollara conducted the study online between December 17 and 21, 2018 (n=2206).

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