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The Trump Effect: Canadian and World Perceptions of Our Southern Neighbour

It will come as no surprise that the Trump administration is not perceived as positively as the Obama one. The Gallup poll released recently highlights the depth of the effect and provides a useful...
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Arming Saudi Arabia: The Collision of Values and Business

A look back at four polls which have addressed the export of arms to Saudi Arabia with a focus on the inherent challenge of reconciling the public's desire for an ethical policy with the realities of arms exports.

Handle with Care: Trudeau, Trump and the Canadian Public

As the initial volleys of a trade war are exchanged it is worth considering the potential consequences of Trudeau’s need to balance out maintaining public support with achieving positive outcomes from our trade and...
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Views of Our Southern Neighbour [Pew Research Center]

The United States is Canada's closest neighbour but our affection for the country has clearly taken a sharp decline since the Trump Presidency began. Presidents have an impact on how Canadians think about the...