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Handle with Care: Trudeau, Trump and the Canadian Public

As the initial volleys of a trade war are exchanged it is worth considering the potential consequences of Trudeau’s need to balance out maintaining public support with achieving positive outcomes from our trade and...
Photo by Seda Gasparyan on Unsplash

Arming Saudi Arabia: The Collision of Values and Business

A look back at four polls which have addressed the export of arms to Saudi Arabia with a focus on the inherent challenge of reconciling the public's desire for an ethical policy with the realities of arms exports.

International Trade Involvement is Net Positive but 1 in 4 have Protectionist Orientation

A recent Global Attitudes Survey 2016 by the Pew Research Center provides an interesting window into how Canadians see trade independent of specific agreements or specific trade agreements. Canadians are trade positive, in part because political...

A National Purposes is Needed on the Question of International Aid

Aid for international development is a hard sell to domestic audiences but the need for it is unlikely to go away. A significant new survey from the Angus Reid Institute and World Vision Canada...