Taxation Deficits and Spending

[Feature] Tax That! Many Canadians Would Support Small Business Tax Changes

The small business tax changes introduced by the Canadian Government were a communications and policy failure that required significant back-tracking by the government. In...

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Libertarianism: How Canadians in the 1980s Saw Personal Autonomy

The 1980s are an interesting decade. Baby Boomers entered the workforce, got married and had kids. The...
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The Impact of Government on Your Life | November

A recent Environics Institute survey finds that only a minority of Canadians (33%) think that government has...

Climate Change is all about Balance

The environment has taken front and centre in the federal election campaign. This reflects a broader focus...

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A look back at four polls which have addressed the export of arms to Saudi Arabia with a focus on the inherent challenge of reconciling the public's desire for an ethical policy with the realities of arms exports.

Getting High — the Growing Support for Legalizing Marijuana

The Government of Canada is not out of touch...