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COVID-19 Polls: Public Opinion in the Time of Pandemic

COVID-19 Polls: Public Opinion in the Time of Pandemic

2020 will be the year of COVID-19 polls. As the Coronavirus spread throughout Canada, polling companies expanded their soundings of public concern, approval of government actions, impact of the virus and expectations for the future. Below are the national polls released, along with the sponsor or media outlet associated with the poll if there is one.

For a review of how public concern has changed over time in these polls see our analysis. The overall concern has flattened according to recent polls after swiftly rising. The posts based on COVID-19 polls are indicated below:

  • Support Strong for Federal Pandemic Spending
    Even after being reminded that the government has already spent $350 billion on the pandemic, support remains high for further spending. Thirty per cent are comfortable and 28% are somewhat comfortable with Trudeau’s commitment to support “people and businesses through this crisis as long […]
  • Social Progress versus Economic Growth in a Post-Pandemic World
    Canadians are divided about what should be the post-pandemic focus. Half want to prioritize social progress (improved social outcomes). The other half want to focus on economic growth. These are the findings of an Ipsos survey conducted with the Social Progress Imperative at the […]
  • Life after Isolation: How the Pandemic Might Change Everything or Nothing about the Post-COVID-19 Workplace
    Predicting the future is always a task for the brave or the foolish. When history offers clear lessons, our predictions can seem reasonable and even turn out right. But, history offers little to help us understand the Post-COVID-19 workplace. Nothing has impacted Canadians as […]
  • Is Concern with COVID-19 Cratering or Just Levelling off in Canada?
    We have reached a pivot point in the COVID-19 impact in Canada. While Canadians were slow to become concerned with the impact of Coronavirus in Canada, they quickly became more concerned when governments started acting. Most also responded by following health guidelines and reducing […]

For an academic led initiative on the COVID-19 public impact, see the report by clicking on the link on the left.

Kennedy, E. B., Vikse, J., Chaufan, C., O’Doherty, K., Wu, C., Qian, Y., & Fafard, P. (2020).Canadian COVID-19 Social Impacts Survey. Rapid Summary of Results #1: Risk Perceptions, Trust, Impacts, and Responses (York University Disaster and Emergency Management Technical Report #004). http://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.12121905

Date of first releasePolling firm/ sponsorMode, field dates, sample size
30-Jan-20IpsosOnline, Jan. 27-28, 2020, n=1402
04-Feb-20DART and Maru/Blue pollOnline, January 31-Feb 2, 2020; n=1513
05-Feb-20Angus Reid InstituteOnline, Feb 4-5, 2020; n=1354
06-Feb-20IpsosOnline, Feb 7-9, 2020, n=1000
13-Feb-20LegerOnline, Feb 7-10, 2020; n=2364
18-Feb-20IpsosOnline, Feb 14-15, 2020, n=1000
04-Mar-20IpsosOnline, Feb 28-29, 2020, n=1000
04-Mar-20AbacusOnline, Feb 28-Mar 3, n=1475
07-Mar-20DART and Maru/Blue pollOnline, Mar 2, 2020; n=1513
08-Mar-20AbacusOnline, Mar 3-6, 2020; n=1500
08-Mar-20ForumIVR, Mar 3-6, 2020; n=1112
11-Mar-20Angus Reid InstituteOnline, Mar 5-6, 2020; n=1512
17-Mar-20IpsosOnline, Mar 12-14, 2020, n=1000
17-Mar-20Angus Reid InstituteOnline, Mar 13-16, 2020; n=1593
18-Mar-20Campaign ResearchOnline, Mar 13-17, 2020; n=2306
19-Mar-20DART and Maru/Blue pollOnline, Mar 13-15, 2020; n=1514
19-Mar-20LegerOnline, Mar 13-16, 2020; n=1538
20-Mar-20Innovative Research GroupOnline, Mar 16-18, 2020; n=1200
21-Mar-20ResearchCoOnline, Mar 19-20, 2020; n=1000
24-Mar-20IpsosOnline, Mar 19-21, 2020; n=1000
24-Mar-20ResearchCoOnline, Mar 21-22, 2020; n=1000
24-Mar-20Leger/ Association for Canadian Studies (ACS)Online, Mar 20-22, 2020; n=1508
24-Mar-20Mainstreet/ iPoliticsIVR, Mar 16-18, 2020; n=1665
25-Mar-20Angus Reid InstituteOnline, Mar 20-23, 2020; n=1664
25-Mar-20DART and Maru/Blue pollOnline, Mar 20-21, 2020; n=1514
25-Mar-20AbacusOnline, Mar 20-24, 2020; n=2309
26-Mar-20Ipsos/Conference of Defence Associations (CDA) InstituteOnline, Mar 20-23, 2020; n=2002
26-Mar-20Innovative Research GroupOnline, Mar 24-26, 2020; n=2411
27-Mar-20EkosIVR, Mar 19-26, 2020, n=2304
30-Mar-20Nanos/ CTV/ Globe and MailOnline, Mar 24-27, 2020; n=1013
31-Mar-20Leger/ Association for Canadian Studies (ACS)Online, Mar 27-29, 2020; n=1508
01-Apr-20Nanos/BloombergOnline, Mar 24-27, 2020; n=1013
01-Apr-20DART and Maru/Blue pollOnline, Mar 27-29, 2020; n=1520
01-Apr-20IpsosOnline, Mar 26-30, 2020; n=1000
02-Apr-20Campaign ResearchOnline, Mar 31-Apr 1, 2020; n=2659
03-Apr-20Innovative Research GroupOnline, Mar 31-Apr 2, 2020; n=1500
06-Apr-20Angus Reid InstituteOnline, Apr 1-3, 2020; n=2162
06-Apr-20Innovative Research Group/EgaleOnline, Mar 24-29, 2020; n=2000
07-Apr-20ResearchCoOnline, Mar 30-Apr 1, 2020; n=1000
07-Apr-20Leger/ Association for Canadian Studies (ACS)Online, Apr 3-5, 2020; n=1512
07-Apr-20Nanos/ Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA)Online, Mar 30-Apr 2, 2020; n=1036
08-Apr-20Ipsos/ Global NewsOnline, Apr 3-7, 2020; n=1000
08-Apr-20IpsosOnline, Apr 2-4, 2020; n=1000
08-Apr-20Angus Reid Institute Online, Apr 1-5, 2020; n=4240
08-Apr-20PollaraOnline, Mar 26-30, 2020; n=1531
10-Apr-20DART and Maru/Blue pollOnline, Mar 31-Apr 2, 2020; n=1000
14-Apr-20Leger/ Association for Canadian Studies (ACS)Online, Apr 9-12, 2020; n=1508
14-Apr-20Kennedy, E. B., Vikse, J., Chaufan, C., O’Doherty, K., Wu, C., Qian, Y., & Fafard, P.Telephone, Mar 20-Apr 8, 2020; n=2029
16-Apr-20Ipsos Online, Apr 9-12, 2020; n=1000
14-Apr-20ResearchCoOnline, Apr 6-8, 2020; n=1000
17-Apr-20ResearchCoOnline, Apr 9-11, 2020; n=1000
20-Apr-20Angus Reid InstituteOnline, Apr 15-17, 2020; n=1912
21-Apr-20Leger/ Association for Canadian Studies (ACS)Online, Apr 17-19, 2020; n=1504
21-Apr-20ResearchCoOnline, Apr 13-15, 2020; n=1000
23-Apr-20Innovative Research GroupOnline, Apr 20-22, 2020; n=2025
27-Apr-20IpsosOnline, Apr 16-19, 2020; n=1000
28-Apr-20Leger/ Association for Canadian Studies (ACS)Online, Apr 24-26, 2020; n=1515
28-Apr-20AbacusOnline, Apr 19-24, 2020; n=2481
28-Apr-20ResearchCoOnline, Apr 20-22, 2020; n=1000
29-Apr-20DART and maru/BlueOnline, Apr 26, 2020; n=1530
2-May-20Nanos/CTV?Globe and MailOnline, Apr 25-27, 2020; n=1039
5-May-20Leger/ Association for Canadian Studies (ACS)Online, May1-3, 2020; n=1526
6-May-20ResearchCoOnline, Apr 27-29, 2020; n=1000
8-May-20ResearchCoOnline, May 1-3, 2020; n=1000
12-May-20ResearchCoOnline, May 4-6, 2020; n=1000
National Publicly Released COVID-19 Polls